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The Official Website of Nelson Fowlkes, Author of Overcoming Adversity: Resetting Goals

About Nelson J Fowlkes

My Story

Nelson Fowlkes is an African-American author who consistently achieved multiple goals despite economic disadvantages and poverty. Self-confidence, determination, and faith motivated him to acquire knowledge through education and travel as the vehicle to experience an enriched quality of life.

His diverse background includes a master’s in Biochemistry and a master’s in public administration, Professional Certificates in Gerontology, and Conflict Resolution

He served as a biochemist for twenty years in the United States Medical Corp with one year in Vietnam. He retired as a lieutenant colonel.

After his second career in healthcare, he achieved astounding accomplishments in strategic planning, marketing, and healthcare administration. He masterfully managed healthcare clinics in nine cities within Los Angeles County.

He co-authors a Corporate Health Risk Management System published in the Journal of Health Care Marketing. One of his most consequential achievements was designing and creating a Territorial Management System that the Library of Congress issued a Certificate of Recognition.

He is passionate about helping others deal with setbacks and barriers. He encourages readers to embrace the techniques and strategies in his book and never give up.


“To delve deeper into the profound insights of ‘Overcoming Adversity,’ feel free to get in touch, whether to share your thoughts, inquire about the book, or explore potential collaborations.”