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About the Book

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What can you do to overcome life’s adversities is an intriguing question and the essence of the inspiring book Overcoming Adversity.  The author presents his strategy for success.   Your challenges may be frustrating and cause anxiety and pain form rejections, setbacks, and obstacles you encounter in employment, social interactions or cultural differences, The emotional trauma, frustration, and pain you experience can be alleviated through faith, hope and perseverance.

Take an inspiring stroll with Nelson Fowlkes and review the appealing dynamic and insightful that were employed to achieve his goals and dreams in-spite of ever-increasing barriers and setbacks.  This insightful stroll will illuminate how knowledge transformed his life and gave his courage to deal directly with adversity and willingness to pursue an alternate pathway toward success.

Highlighted is his unwavering faith, perseverance, and internal fortitude. The most compelling concept readers will gleam from this story is your ability to successfully face life’s adverse situations and continue to pursue your goals and dreams. Hopefully, readers will gain inspiration from reading Overcoming Adversity: Resetting Goals.


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