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The US Review of Books (USRB) commended Nelson J. Fowlkes’ “Overcoming Adversity: Resetting Goals.”
“Overcoming Adversity: Resetting Goals” is a personal and intriguing story that highlights how to successfully cope with the inevitable barriers and obstacles of life.

“Overcoming Adversity: Resetting Goals” by Nelson J. Fowlkes is highly praised by Heather Brooks of the US Review of Books, who underscores that “Within these pages, Fowlkes tells the candid story of his life. Despite prevalent racism in America, he is a proud patriot who served as a U.S. soldier from 1958 until 1975. He provides a fascinating account of being protected, in some ways, from discrimination because he resided on a military base, although discrimination ultimately led to his release from active duty.”

Nelson J. Fowlkes excelled as a biochemist, marketing executive, and strategic healthcare planner. He served 20 years as a professional biochemist in the Army Medical Service Corps and attained the grade of Lt. Colonel. He utilized his scientific knowledge and skill to support combat troops in Vietnam and South Korea as well as military families at Army Medical Centers in California, Oklahoma, Texas, and Washington State.

After military retirement, he pursued a healthcare career with astounding success and achievement. He co-authored a 5-year Strategic Healthcare Plan for a sister healthcare institution in Merced, California. 

He established and managed 11 Primary Care Clinics in Lynwood, California. Fowlkes is the co-author of a Corporate Health Risk Management Program. The article appeared in the Journal of Health Care Marketing. He designed and created Territorial Management (TSS), an innovative approach that applies traditional risk management to the health of an employee group. The Library of Congress issued a Certificate of Registration.

His desire for knowledge motivated him to attain a master’s degree in Biochemistry and Public Administration, and professional certificates in Gerontology and Conflict Resolution. His entrepreneurial skills compelled him to establish a consulting firm (Fowlkes Business Enterprise), where he advised and developed plans for healthcare organizations to establish industrial health clinics.

In this masterpiece, Nelson Fowlkes narrates the story through insightful strategies and tactics that were effectively utilized on his journey. Hopefully, you will be inspired and amazed by this incredible story. His tool kit reveals tenacity, optimism, self-reliance, adaptability, perseverance, and faith. These qualities and characteristics were instrumental in his remarkable and astonishing rise from a fractured childhood and poverty to complete a twenty-year service in the United States Army Medical Corps, retiring as a Lt. Colonel, and earning graduate degrees in Biochemistry and Public Administration. In addition, he earned professional certificates in Gerontology and Conflict Resolution. A most compelling concept: do not allow circumstances to define your worth.
“To enlighten, encourage and empower readers to develop their lives and careers”-
Here’s an excerpt from the US Review of Books that highlights:
“Institutional racism made a deep impression on him, particularly as he experienced the disparities between the college prep available for white high school students and what was open to blacks. Fans of inspirational memoirs will admire Fowlkes’s resilience and versatility as he tells of embarking on a civilian career in health care and health care administration. Later still, he and his wife opened a travel agency. Well into his seventies, the author, an avid bicyclist, participated in long-distance bike rides. His relentless passion for everything he does drives this compelling narrative forward.”


“To delve deeper into the profound insights of ‘Overcoming Adversity,’ feel free to get in touch, whether to share your thoughts, inquire about the book, or explore potential collaborations.”